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“I am loved”

September 29, 2021

Do you remember the days when the postman would cycle from door-to-door to deliver letters, bills, newspapers and even gift parcels in your postbox or at your front door?

You’re my Sunshine
 Amanda Dagg
Original painting of Sunflowers. Expressive textured painting on canvas and ready to hang from box to wall. Full of thick paint! SIZE: 40″ wide x 40″ High (100x100cm) MEDIUM: High-quality professional acrylic paints and mediums. Varnished for protection and longevity. SURFACE: Painted on a deep edge cotton canvas

Today I found a bucket of Sunshine on my doorstep.

Slipping into days gone by it felt like that memory- receiving a gift in my mailbox this morning. I found a smiling bucket with a warm and encouraging letter, a note to scoop me up and lift my spirits, with a call to action on my doorstep.

Reach out and apologise, those that love you, never hold anything against you, but encourage your growth at every turn.

Wisdom is a good friend, she arrives when most needed. I’ve been slacking but my meditating days will be in full swing this Spring.

The sky is grey and it is raining, besides today I have an appointment with my physician, like always I’m crossing my fingers. It is well.

  1. Sending you positive vibes, Abi!


    • Thank so much sweet stranger.
      I’m so happy to see you here David❤

  2. Beautiful flowers. May your appintment go well.

    • Thank you 🙂…..they are🙂
      It was good
      Have to do one test
      I will do it next wee

      • Welcome. Nice to hear it was good. May the next test this coming week be good to🙂

      • Oh thank you so much.🙂 I didn’t want to do it this week. I just want to relax the weekend till Monday

      • Welcome🙂, i see. It’ll pass though

      • Yes. Thank you. Have a lovely Sunday

      • Have a lovely one to

      • Thanks, busy Sunday
        Small small spring cleaning
        Visitors arriving soon. School holidays are upon us.

      • Sorry I’m not sure what happened to you comment this morning.
        Its It’s just going missing
        Did you remove it
        Happy Monday

  3. I hope the doctor’s visit went well!

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