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September 24, 2021

Established in 1995 South African Heritage Day (Erfenisdag in Afrikaans) is celebrated 24 September each year. We haven’t arrived, we are still finding our feet on this path called Heritage Day that will unite our whole country. Still we jubilate our heritage in groups and silos, besides it’s a refreshing time to celebrate with Spring season in our backs.

And no matter what the boycotters say we continue in our silos and in our groups as we shovel our path to find that heritage day – our cups are running over full of unity, filled with love, praise and thankfulness for coming through the centuries; how we broke the shackles of apartheid our ancestors walked 400 years before us, legally formalized in 1948. In our silos and our groups we celebrate and praise South African culture and heritage, our languages, the food we grow, export and eat, with adoration we give thanks for the beauty of this land our souls were selected to be born into with all her wonderful environmental grace, climates, plants and creatures. We are sufficient, our spirits are strong, we shall not be swayed, we are on the path engaging heritage day.

Our garden joins in celebrating the path in finding Heritage Day with us….

With the first Bird of Paradise Blooms in Spring



And a word of advice, it’s Springtime enjoy a good family braai after that hike with nature.

PS: I hope my images eventually upload, since it’s proving to be an overloaded full traffic network heritage day.

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  1. Happy one, though I am late

    • Oh my word thevel I have missed your writings so so much 🥂
      Thank you so much. We are still in celebration mood this side with potjie out on the fire.

      • That is nice, do yo welcome visitors I can fly in 🤗

      • With arms open wide, kiss on the forehead
        Arms around your neck
        My greetings to you
        Please do fly in🤗

      • I will come next year probably, I love it when every is fresh or let me say…when everything is starting…

      • Yes, something wonderful to look forward too

  2. Was kinda very busy, hope I will give you something to smile still

    • Yes, I can imagine.
      Made me tingle inside
      Sweet and loving
      Thank you

  3. I would love to visit Africa.

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