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Gone are the days

September 22, 2021

when Phillipi was the centre of the lucrative wood- cutting business, shareholder croppers and bridal-wear dressmakers.

Yet murder was a long time coming, the last bastion of safe and sustainable farming and crop sharing……

Rose-Agathe Steiner

in the last 20 years has turned into a gangster’s paradise, with no respect for decent and noble working life.

Father-of-three Thulani Manqoyi, 53, was shot dead by two men while sitting in his car at the Heinz Park Primary School in Philippi. Two suspects had approached the Grade 6 maths teacher at around 7.45am yesterday – 21 September 2021- and opened fire, with pupils scattering in fear, before fleeing the scene on foot.

People have no idea what it means and how much it costs to raise up a mathematics teacher in Mzansi or any qualified professionals for that matter, neither what it amounts to healing the wounds of families that must live with the violent chaos and loss .

In Mzansi essentially life is cheap. Essentials skills eroded, resources usurped, people are staying alive living by the barrel of the gun.

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