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Moonflower -Just like a woman

September 20, 2021

Growing her up, outside, just in front of my verandah I use to play her this all time classic and heart-rendering song by Nina Simone.

Moonflower Brugmansia is a breath-taking sight in summer. When in full bloom the entire plant is weighed down with large, drooping, trumpet-shaped flowers.

I didn’t know this at first but I grew my moonflower in pink. They come in white, yellow and orange as well. Brugmansia is a woody tree or bush. Good thing I planted mine near the patio, where her scented flower can be admired.

Just this morning google photos reminded me on this grey, cold and rainy day, 20 September 2021, that I snapped this beautiful photo of Just like a Woman on a warm tropical day in September. I’m not complaining but miss my old garden and I hope the folks and the fairies, elves and dwarfs are looking after my sweet and memorable garden space.

Glamorous and beautifully scented at night. With her large prominent wavy evergreen leaves and her drooping, trumpet-shaped flowers, -Brugmansia is also locally called Angel’s Trumpets -, I dedicate my moonflower picture to all the young ones and especially the little girls who had to grow up without their mums or moms. Exiled, displaced or separated.

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