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Living Numerous Lives

August 29, 2021

Sculptured buoyant-
bouncing with light,
soft full circle of roundness
charming attention to detail,
feeling your countenance

Sovereign in harmony
from Mexico to Guatemala
living numerous lives
in Russia, Myanmar,
and China at different times

Desire for service harvested
in Afghanistan, Nigeria –
amplifying self-confidence
in the valleys of Kenya,
Brazil and Sri Lanka

Cheerful Hispanic and African American friends enjoy painting together during art class.

They spoke of you in Egypt,
overcoming road-blocks
travelling along highways
passing through dusty places

They called your name in
Ireland and the Canary Islands
Yet your earthy and grounded
gentle, unconditional

love beckons, come
and celebrate your adventures
find our own true vocations
infused with creative strength

From → Shine Ya Eye

  1. That’s a beautiful poem!

    • Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I haven’t read it in a while.
      Thank you for dusting it off🙂

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