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Genesis 50 v 20

August 23, 2021

God in His wisdom turned a most heinous crime into the most beautiful story, culminating in a glorious finale.

Joseph is a wonderful picture of the Lord Jesus. Beloved of the Father; hated by His brethren; betrayed by those He knew and loved – only to be used of God to save His people from death and destruction, before being placed in the highest position in the land, carrying out the will of the Father.


Lord, help our President and other leaders to make decisions that will benefit all of us. Prevent them from making selfish decisions that will ruin the peace and growth of this nation. In Jesus’ name, I believe and pray, Amen. God and Father of all, we lift up our troubled nation to you, asking for justice to prevail.

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  1. May there be joy and peace in all that there is.

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