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July 23, 2021

the SWARTBERGE  (black mountain in Afrikaans) was covered in a cloak of snow white. What a majestic sight, and I can only imagine the awe-inspiring drive for many who travel through the Swartberge Pass after the snow fell through the night.

And me, I was in heaven after seeing this recent image posted below of motorists traveling on this long piece of hard ground call the Swartbergpas indicated by the signage.

As you are driving towards your destination the Indian Coast is your constant guide.

Swartberge, is a mountain range in Western Cape province, South Africa, extending east-west for 150 mi (240 km) from near the town of Willowmore to the edge of the Witteberge, roughly parallel with the Indian Ocean coast.

Not so long ago I did promise to run a special note on Oudshoorn, and I still intend to spend sometime in the Cango Caves -online of course- just to relive some childhood memories. Yet here we are, I didn’t think the town would give me a nudging reminder about my promise so soon.

Enticingly beautiful in her natural setting without the fully- covered snow tops, pictured above is the Swartberge mountain range near Oudsthoorn. The Swartberg is the barrier dividing the semiarid Great Karoo (north) and Little Karoo (south) plateaus. 

Small reservoirs amid the peaks supply water to adjacent lowland areas; and gorges, secluded valleys, sheer rock faces, and caves.

The Swartberge mountain range is extremely popular for her indulgently curvy slopes with the adventuresome world wide. It lies thousands of miles distant from major African cities such as Lagos and Cairo and more than 6,000 miles (10,000 km) away from most of Europe, North America, and eastern Asia,

Forecaster, Surprise Mhlongo says, there is no more snowfall expected for the rest of the week.

There was snowfall in the past two days over the Stellenbosch, Ceres and Garden Route mountains of the Western Cape. Some snowfall was also over the Southern higher ground of the Namakwa district, Sutherland and Calvinia. There’s no more snowfall expected for the remainder of the week.

How life will begin to change in these districts one can’t tell. We can only trust that in the future people will be insulated from the cold as the mountain ranges consistently with insistence carry the winter wonderland mantle with every passing year.

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  1. Magnificent and humbling. Such serenity. Although it might get too cold, atleast the nature around will enjoy a continuous nourishment from the streams down the ridges coming from the snow.

    • Breathtaking, if you are warm and cozy then everything feels like a fairytale. I’m not sure if the mountains are rising or if the snow is just heavier, that it covers a whole range.

      • Precisely, the fairy tale is totally dependent in those comfy variables😏… Probably the snow getting heavier

      • Oh you share my sentiments, 😉.
        The Drakensberg is sinking.

      • 😀 the escarpment is expanding

      • Oh yes, there is a remnant of the lava.
        I hope people enfoldes in the range awaken🙂

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