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I leave you with this

July 10, 2021

forest elephants are now classified as critically endangered in Nigeria.

Unless urgent action is taken, they can be wiped out in less than 10 years.

I’m feeling tired and I was hoping the sandman would come to me and rock me to sleep.

Restlessness is a terrible trap. Loss of concentration and focus, tossing and turning can drive me around the bend.

Something good did come out of it though. My restlessness found me at the Wildlife Conservation Society in Lagos Nigeria. Efforts are underway to save the Savanna elephant as well.

To think that Nigeria was once home to hundreds of thousands of elephants who used to roam the country. Now less than 400 of these elephants are currently surviving.

Poaching for their ivory tusks are causing their extinction and habitat loss. Encouraging, there is hope, stakeholders are coming together.

Though on the verge of extinction government and conservation agencies are planning to save the group still roaming the forests and savannas of Nigeria.

These efforts make me happy. I am delighted, it engenders hope when ministries and agencies are involved in acts of goodness and kindness.

Good night, now I must sleep, the Copa America Final is just around the corner, I may meet you in Rio.

Sleep Sweetly.

  1. Poaching is a sad reality. Thanks for spreading the awareness and for your conservation efforts. They are much needed in the fight for conservation. May your experience in Nigeria be serene.

    • Yes, we have the huge problem with rhino poaching
      When I look at those beast grazing and completely gentle in their environment I wonder why folks who poach like that deny themselves of such majestic sights. It baffles me.
      Thank you i shall send your greetings to Lagos, it is my pleasure.

      • Probably Greed and getting money at any cost. May Happen to a society or people with corrupt moral compass and no regard to ethics and some extremes of justifying doing it for survival – lesser evil. Either way, it’s wrong on so many levels.

      • You know kinge, I’m again engaged with this matter in my own life right now. People will ground the actions supported by an ideology and philosphy to meet their purpose. Kingdoms will fall to meet their ends and an entire country must go down with it if their domains don’t abide by the rules of that kingdom.
        We shouldn’t be surprised, there was a revolt in the kingdom of heaven and earthly man believes according to their purpose that they are persecuted by that revolt.
        So everyone claims they are right, and only truth will be prevailed.

      • Misinformed ideoligies and limiting beliefs adopted to direct cultures have a huge impact in societies. Its a never ending cycle with unfortunate casualties. Ego is another key player in this game of right and wrong. But in between all this, there’s still an awakening for millions

      • Absolutely, ego is key, and can be devastating especially for those who has to face the harsh reality. I pray the mountains rise and the mess is cleaned up.

      • Hoping for peace to and a better tomorrow

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