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June 25, 2021

Mom and baby elephant in Kruger National Park
Submitted by Mannetjie de Klerk/December 2016

Wonder of the Bush
Under the watchful eye of Mom
She carried her calf 
For twenty -two months

Visitors to the parks take pictures on private trips or with ranger-drives and share them with others through the SANparks website. It’s a pity the website doesn’t share the exact location where the shot was taken.

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  1. Amazing and magnificent creatures! Did you visit this park?

  2. Elephants are graceful giants.

    • Oh absolutely. It’s awesome to watch them in their natural family environment.

      • It is. They are not as many as they used to be here due to a reign of poaching that just ended recently but always a marvel to behold

      • Yes, it is always sad to see those images. I can observe them for lengths of time.

  3. Lebogang Shazzygal Malatji permalink

    This is so beautiful
    Kruger national park isn’t he whole mood. I’ve been there only once and I’m planning to go back once the parks get opened.

    • The whole mood dear, you must take a slow drive through, it is a cruise to remember.

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