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The Undocumented

May 30, 2021

1904 to 1908, dates
relate a vicious narrative,

an Apology
attached –
And Germany formally acknowledges
Colonial Genocide in Namibia, –
stamped out an uprising
almost wiping out the Nama and Herero tribes –

Impossible for the generations before to comprehend
given their model of the world, nothing was wrong.
True money can’t buy you love
It however counts
It alleviates
some of the grief and material degradation
accumulated through the centuries

Noose around the neck of reparations –
Damage, loss and suffering –
A deal between two governments
tribal leaders are not happy
$1.3 billion in promised aid
reconstruction and development
is challenging

A special time?
a shift in tectonic plates?

Smouldering volcano erupts
France opened up her archives.
officially admits to

“overwhelming responsibility”
for the Rawandan genocide. 

Right here is the story
awaiting apology –
for the insanity –
abuse, negligence, disease, –
inflicted upon the
Tk’emlups te Secwepemc community

The story of undocumented deaths
— students as young as three years old —
Imagine!!!…who did not return home
And came to be known
as the Missing Children.

A painful
reminder and a shamful

1890 and 1977, dates
— British Columbia, Canada —
In the wake of discovered remains
of 215 children who attended
Kamloops Indian Residential School

Will the Roman Catholic Church apologize?
And take responsibility?
For the unthinkable loss
Spoken about but never documented.
Will the apology be forthcoming?

Heaven is wide open
I always had my own thoughts
Of the four and twenty elders
Seated at a very special place
Around the throne of grace.

The stars are aligned
to guide human beings
incense burning, reeds

in the rain, with the wind

A turnaround for humanity?

Nyiragongo erupts
The sky has turned red.

  1. powerful and sobering

    • Thank you so much. I read your description with a great sense of relief, the events of the week were sobering indeed.

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