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Buick Skylark 1953 | Painting by Eva Ason

May 28, 2021

Way before my time, 1953 in America, Dwight Eisenhower was in the Office for a year and the Russian dictator Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin died. The American economy was released from the burden of the Korean War – 25 Jun 1950 to 27 Jul 1953 -, neither side actually won the Korean War.This was the first hot war of the Cold War where at least 2.5 million persons lost their lives. South Korea did not even sign the Armistice agreement of July 27, 1953, and North Korea repudiated the armistice in 2013 but come July 1953 people in America were happy again.

It was the right moment to celebrate the year – 1953- with the new Buick Skylark. A car that traced its DNA from the Buick Roadmaster.

The Word of the Day took me on my own mission throughout the day. I had so little time to gather my notes. It was a beautiful warm afternoon and the backyard seduced me in the midday sun, and became the perfect playground for the kids on this breezy and chilly day. We were following the circles of the flock of swallows preparing to take flight to a sunnier place.The children and I imagined they could hear our calls to stay as they hovered over us for a while.

I was looking for a Skylark, one that can fly. We have our own lark, Rudd’s lark is endemic to South Africa. Some authorities have also considered Archer’s lark to be a subspecies of Rudd’s lark. Other names for Rudd’s lark include long-clawed larkRudd’s long-clawed lark and South African long-clawed lark. The name “long-clawed lark” has been used to describe both Rudd’s lark and Archer’s lark.

In my search for Skylark, one that can fly, I stumbled upon this sporty buick and frolic roadster a 2012 painting by Eva Ason, which took me right back to 1953, way before my time.

In 2017 a 1953 Buick code 76X Roadmaster Skylark convertible with a steering wheel hub that says, “Customized for Neil Young,” went for $400,000, the auction house said.

In 1954, the Skylark was produced on a new chassis, from the Buick Century. But the real deal was the 50th anniversary 1953 model.

I invite you, take the open road in this sporty guzzler on a frolic ride with me,

by the way, that’s what skylark – – word of the day – – means,

-frolic and sporty-, just imagine 1953, way before my time,

through the decade of the 1950’s, come frolic with me.

Brrrm brrm..Sweet Dreams.

  1. I love the beautiful journey into the afternoon in the cool ease of the day seeking birds, nature’s winged masterpieces…and finding modern art. A delightful read. Thank you.

    • Thank you Suzette. Cool ease of the day, just totally grasped the feeling, moment and the activities of the day. Beautiful fleshing out for the middle part of the text.
      It’s weird, when I have the time to make my notes I find it so difficult capture my original thoughts.
      Thank you for highlighting my thoughts . I love it.

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