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Trust God

May 23, 2021

from the bottom of your heart,

from deep down, from the most precious space in your heart


I watched how after quite a lengthy pause she started budding again. She was so proud of her tribe she just pushed out buds one after the other till her whole bush was covered with buds and petals in their splendour opening up.

Still now I don’t know her proper name
As if she didn’t mind me, poised in her fragrant beauty
And the weight of her offsprings, authentic individuals –

The scent of self- worth is evident,

Each little bud trusting God

No need to live in the shadow of the other

Makes for a healthy and abundant

Rose-Bush Tribe

In that instance I smile

And called out “Trust God

The wind rustle through the surrounding trees

And I imagined them laughing and agreeing

Nodding, yes, Trust God
It’s cold outside.

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