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Sylphs of the Air

May 5, 2021
Only The Two of Us is a painting by Kiril Stanchev which was uploaded on November 8th, 2011.

Beyond words, the ephemeral beauty
of willows a picture paints.
Adorning lakes and rivers, golden energy

stream through strings of leaves.
Sylphs of the Air sing in-between
Love’s enfolding heart-centred harmony.

  1. Excellent poem, geogoeus weaving of mythology into the beautiful artwork. Very lovely❤❤

  2. hi, Abi! thanks for sharing this poem with me! I’ve published it here:

    Golden energy, or: Mental slough


    • I’m so in awe how you used the ekphrastic paintbrush and so vividly painted the image. I felt each movement and stroke in words.
      You are a master of the word.
      Each time you grapple and wrestle with the word
      You paint a masterpiece
      MistyBlue, a temple of my familiar.
      Thank you♥♥

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