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Dwelling in the Mind of God

May 1, 2021

Speckles of dust scratch the eyes,
I write now for me, a word of my own,
bless this path and the roads I must cross
Holding close to me the burden and the blessing

I would like to speak it like this, in a manner of address
So many years sailed down the river for eloquence to express
There is nothing passive about life, we must record our burdens

Healing Butterfly (@healing007) | Twitter

Bless this path, richly dowried children of God , you were there with me
Every one of the burdens are special, tugging at the heartstring
Precious gemstones, mother of pearl ray, dwelling in the mind of God

Bless my path goliath is slain,
radiating the blessing
my necklace my sling
Bless our paths
Bless our abilities,
our gifts, talents
and our personalities

It shall not disappear, priceless love
anchored burdens,
tiny yellow butterflies.
Bless this path,
grounded love
will not be vanquished
baby feather floating by
white butterfly circling
up above listens to the sky

Bless this path, enter new dimension
sacredly lay before the cloak of protection.
Gazing at the glory, precious burdens
are not light to carry.
Blessings glazed in burden

exhibits colourful paintings
of new sunrises
and the daily thanksgivings
of rainbow sunsets,
my blessings and my burdens
Bless this path, burden and blessing
clearing my mental planes

  1. Hey, great writing
    I need you Instagram handle

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