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Tender-infinite beauty

April 25, 2021

Enkindle in my heart this pure flame of reverence
Spirit’s placidness burning strong and radiant.
Insulate me thou doth beareth the warmth.

Ripe and pregnant with good nature
reverence serenity and repose
peacefully flourishing upon adversity

Gentleness is harvested for its fullbody
of softness, gentle movement,
tender-infinite beauty.

Image from -pixabay

Misty dawn in tune with Spirit
Rhapsody’s tranquil instrumental – flower of life’s garden
gentle breeze of fragrance;

scented herb blessing upon earth. Gentleness
your strong hand in mine , drifting lightly, forbearance
enkindle in my heart the pure flame of tenderness

Your deepest compassion, come to me
on wings of joy and humble trust
enkindle in me your battle cry of Love

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