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Shroud of heartache

April 22, 2021

A shroud of heartache around their hearts
I would love to call them majestic lilies
with a deep respect for history –
headstrong and fiercely decorated
growing and flourishing like white bulls.
Divine guardians opening doors
for joy happiness and satisfaction.
Harbouring strong love for the beautiful

with a shroud of heartache around their hearts.
Traversing difficulties once upon many a time
to feel the pleasure and comfort of things.
Dramatic as the majestic lily
desires are strong to indulge the romantic.
Perfuming the sensual side with their
indisputable warmth and sensuous sensibilities

and a shroud of heartache around their hearts.
Nature’s exquisite beauties, pure and gentle
little sheep, aroused round midnight
till the first glimmer of sunrise –
singing hymns, fortelling, praising also bemoaning.
Upward -facing -unusually fragrant stargazers –
chanting prayer warriors, trust your lives are beautified.

  1. Beautiful poem! I love it…every line

  2. Yes, beautiful poem! Happy to see you writing more poetry…

    • Thank you Jay, I truly appreciate the beautiful. I too wish you stay centered and keep the momentum.

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