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Revolutionary Anger

April 19, 2021

The Squirrel’s Nest:
Clumped- together,
-collection of leaves
bark moss twigs –

Squirrels build nests to survive winter
and most obviously to house
and care, – squirrels have kids –
industrious little squeaks,
energetic strategist, squirrels build
nests to survey their territory.

Smart and clever,
the ordinary squirrels – unlike us –
non-celebrities, build more than one drey
close to their food supplies
and stockpiles

Image found at Unsplash

More than one drey
You never know who comes to stay

-Revolutionary Anger –

“Revolution only needs good dreamers who remember their dreams.”
― Tennessee Williams

Have you dugged
have you cemented
and laid

for her,
and for him

so they can log
and sit together
round a fire

right into
their ripe and moonlit years
around the fire.

  1. Beautiful share. Yes, squirrels are very resilient and resourceful, for the survival of their offspring. They plan well for colder weather. Nature’s fine example of making ‘hay while the Sun shines🐿’

    Love the poem at the end drawing out your thoughts further via its imagery
    “…so they can log and sit together…by the fire”

  2. I love your description – I actually feel like I can smell it B-)

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