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Autumn’s Lullaby

April 10, 2021

Autumn’s Lullaby
Covid has invaded our spaces and our sacred places.
The pandemic run our lives, on auto-pilot it literally controls our living environment. It is toxic and a hazard.
Otherworldly pernicious it attacks all organs in our body, moderate or mild. The globe is in its monkey grip and hardly knows which way to turn.
These are the summer waves that crashed all over us, and we are struggling to stem the tide.

Unbelievable. Who imagined living through biblical times with a plague of biblical proportions? Not me. Yes before Covid the world was rotten and people dying more than in current day Covid-19. But fighting a plagued where we are in contagious danger of each other is different and terribly scary. Hopefully -not uttered casually but spoken with the utmost urgency – we are all hearing the wake up call.
I am dreaming. I am imagining that in some quarters of the world there is a growing reverence for life, health and well-being. Yes I dare to dream and I am dreaming holy ground.

One third of my summer spent in quarantine a winter darkness covered me. Places of care can sometimes feel like a prison ward or cell. There are people, apparently trained in care who can be cruel, these people have no respect for human life. They don’t belong there because some people who work in places of care sadly behave like wardens in a correctional centre and pose a grave danger to one’s life. It’s bad, very bad the “care” mentality that be. People die of covid, commodities and heartless irresponsible care.
Never, ever forget to thank heaven for brilliance, the wonder and beauty of light, the separation of day and night. It is true angels come along, gather around to carry you through the night.
After a period of darkness there is always light.
I’m carried and I’m so happy the summer; this tropical heat of mosquitoes, flies and dreaded disease is behind me. I’m in the belly of the impending transformation. Im home and I’m embracing the season of hope, trust and courage to walk the autumn road with joy, like advised, one step at a time –
believing there are even better days ahead.

While others are long gone to their summer homes in warmer climes, the last flock of southern birds are circling around in the fading fleecy white and blue spring skies. Chirping – making up new tunes, or so it feels – singing along as spring makes way for Autumn’s Lullaby.

Babies drift off quietly to sleep ,
contented by the sound of bird song,
“shall we go, why don’t we stay, “
forever altering
and changing –
the destiny of their flock.

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