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God Will Wipe Away Our Tears

December 31, 2020

Revelation 21:4, is relevant to our world today, in our current and immediate set of circumstances. Speaking in epochs, scripture verses holding so much mystery are timeless and contain unique answers for any time of day.

On this day 31 December 2020, let us pray the Revelation 21:4 prayer, together we cry out with the saints in heaven.

What a day of rejoicing this shall be. There is an air of jubilancy, there is so much promise, God is faithful, God is putting a new song in our hearts, focussing on the divine attributes of Jesus, – faith, hope, love, courage, humility, forgiveness, compassion, wisdom, persistence, honesty, generosity, hospitality, patience and gratitude……with great feelings of hope and expectancy, we are getting through this.

Blessed 31 December 2020…..enjoy the rest of your evening.


One Comment
  1. Thank you to everyone of you who like this post. Written on the last day of the old year o jad no idea what lay in store for me in the month of January 2021.
    And here I am God has remained faithful.

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