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These days

December 30, 2020

I don’t know about you, but I feel how ill the world is. Can we really be given sight at this stage how effective the vaccine is. We are sitting here in the third and second world watching the potential roll-out of the oxford vaccine. Can you imagine us watching the world return to normal, or lets say the UK at least live over the next couple of months as the tide of the virus is drained. What a day of rejoicing that will be.

As I see it, the oxford vaccine is a glorified treatment, like a flu injection and essentially I don’t see any problem with that. Let’s hit the ground running, the vaccines mean nothing sitting there in viles, let’s get the people immunized and see what the future holds. Scientists have been working around the clock indeed a race against time to save lives. It may be too late for many in my country, people are falling ill like flies and the cheapest vaccine for us is only in sight for April 2021. We pretty use to this grading and arrangement of goods and services, but quite honestly I’m exhausted with the deep levels of discussions even if they are necessary, but fearfully my brain cannot take the to and fro anymore. How many more questions need to be asked, the anti-vacciners will have their day in court, in the meantime let us get going with the roll-out.

Here🥂 to better days.

  1. To better days, yes!🥂

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