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This is Our Plight

December 29, 2020

for tonight.

ESKOM ANNOUNCES OVERNIGHT STAGE 2 LOAD SHEDDING. I’m somewhat annoyed when the newspaper doesn’t pay attention to detail, which is more important than the headline or title of the article.

Yes loadshedding starts at 20.00hrs in my area and not 22hrs as mentioned in the article. Yes loadshedding for my area till 22.00hrs.

and yes we are in lockdown level 3. There is a total ban on the sale of alcohol. This ban comes in the fire of our risky behaviour. We have serious problems with regard to obedience. We are abhorrent of rules, even those rules that serve our best interest. As a country we are a house of terror when it comes to the consumption of alcohol.

Yes we have a curfew from 9.00pm till 6.00am. And yes we will be criminalsed if we don’t wear a mask in public places. There will be no super spreader events after 8.0pm, all bars, taverns and clubs will go into lockdown at that time. Please pray for us. We are in for a rough ride, the innocent, the pure and the vulnerable will suffer. We have a huge behavioural problem with maturity and remaining in that state of maturity in a time of crisis.

Yes, please pray for us, honestly and sincerely.


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