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December 20, 2020

What a breathtaking movie filmed in the most beautiful landscape of yellow brown and green below a a typical Mzansi blue sky, show- casing our well -built rural roads and that typical gate one would find along a winding or straight road, reminding us that people are living here, while cruising down a country lane in Mzansi.

If I were in charge of a global music festival, then Uwrongo is the kind of music video I would lobby for, nominate and vote for a grand prize. The car is a real romantic feature in this wonderfully produced music video which I prefer calling a short film or movie. The sounds of Mzansi are incredibly extraordinary, stunning yes, out of this world. Take a look and listen.

Former President Obama included “UWRONGO” on his 2020 playlist. Thank you for the exposure Sir, we do appreciate.


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