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The phone rings. Constantly.

December 19, 2020

I am scared for my mental health. The phone rings. Constantly. No visitors are allowed in hospital so I am the family’s eyes and ears. Some of the families think that we are not doing enough, others are grateful.The phone rings again. Casualty and the wards looking for ICU beds. My fingers are constantly doing maths equations. How many ventilators are left, how may high flow machines are left, how many beds do we have, how many staff members do we have? The maths equations have become easier now, because the answer has become the same for all: zero.

Zero beds available, zero high flow machines available, zero ventilators available, zero staff available. Zero. Zero whether the patient needing the bed is young, old, rich, poor, with medical aid or without medical aid. The wards are scary. No one is connected to a monitor so there’s no early warning of deterioration. The nurses are running between patients with a monitor to check their oxygen levels. Some of the patients in the wards need high flow and ventilators, but we can’t help them. We turn their oxygen flow the highest it can go and hope. We hold back the fear and tears in our own eyes to not show the patients how dire they are. 

Jesus on the mountain tops of the Drakensberg, we pray for the power of God to come forth. We have a killer in our midst. Let us speak Jesus over South Africa, Let us speak Jesus over our World, We have a killer in our midst.


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