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11 December 2020

December 12, 2020

arrived early in the morning with quite a fascinating Word of the Day. I can’t remember when last I posted one. Of course I could scroll back to take a peep, but yesterday the given word Avuncular and its meaning, intrigued me, also as to why it would appear in my calendar on this day. I understood, we are coming closer to Christmas a festive time when aunts and uncles also need to come to the party and know why they’ve been invited, for that special something- something wrapped up and placed under the tree. But feelings of Avuncular is more than that. Avuncular is such an amazing sweet word, it is filled with friendliness and kindness and everything a niece and nephew need. This one is for all the Avunculars out there who impact the lives of young people and a special shout out to the uncles who love and adore the children of their siblings.

The Origin of Avuncular Is Familial

Not all uncles are likeable fellows (Hamlet’s murderous Uncle Claudius, for example, isn’t exactly Mr. Nice Guy in Shakespeare’s tragedy), but “avuncular” reveals that, as a group, uncles are generally seen as affable and benevolent, if at times a bit patronizing. Avuncular derives from the Latin noun avunculus, which translates as “maternal uncle,” but since at least the 1830s English speakers have used “avuncular” to refer to uncles from either side of the family or even to individuals who are simply uncle-like in character or behavior. And in case you were wondering, “avunculus” is also an ancestor of the word uncle itself. – Merriam Webster.

Happy people make happy families, it’s not always gauranteed but we continue to indulge ourselves in and with happines. Have an awesome weekend.


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