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As above So below

December 5, 2020

this is the feeling that overcame me, but you better go out and take a look for yourself. Photographer Esko Liukas – his surname, which means “slippery,” is a nom de plume, or actually a nom de patin – had been out previously to check the ice, as he told numerous Finnish media outlets. He put out a call on Instagram for a figure skater to record a video, and Tiina Pakkanen responded. Her last name fittingly means “frost,” and it’s her true name.


Simply mesmerizing, amazing, artistry at work.

  1. Amazing fabulous mesmerizing. Love this! Thank you for sharing it❤❤⛸

    • I can’t even begin to tell the awe and deep respect that overcame me whilst watching this magical collaboration unfolding. Nature as their audience, in wonder, perfect peace and harmony. No glitter nor gold, out in the stillness of the wild, cap, bumper jacket and sweatpants, a skating ballet seen though the lens of an artist… welcome. Glad you loved it, beautiful synergy….i could go on and on…..i love what God did with nature in the Scandinavian countries….and the soft seriousness of artist at work.♥️♥️felt too

      • I agree with your words. Nature is God’s canvas and mirror. Amen! Have a beautiful day.❄❄❄💦🌈🌨⛸🧊🍧💃🏿

      • Thank you Suzette, wishing you a beautiful day too, What a majestic painter. Have a wonderful day♥️

      • Thank you. And a beautiful and serene day to you also.

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