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November 30, 2020

“He had complete mastery of the ball,”

“When Maradona ran with the ball or dribbled through the defence, he seemed to have the ball tied to his boots. I remember our early training sessions with him: the rest of the team were so amazed that they just stood and watched him.

“We all thought ourselves privileged to be witnesses of his genius.”

said former Barcelona teammate José Carrasco.

The death of Diego Maradona has prompted an outpouring of memories of his unparalleled artistry on the pitch, and his wider cultural influence. It has also proved a golden opportunity for England fans to dig up one of their favourite grudges and really roll around in it. Decades on, many continue to fume with rage over the infamous “hand of God” incident, when Maradona either deliberately or accidentally cheated his way to a goal in the1986 World Cup. Read about why the English still can’t get over it, and why that causes the rest of the world so much pleasure.

“I got so much joy watching you play football, Ronaldinho. And as a person you are ‘a king’. I love you so much.”

Diego Maradona 

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