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The Inevitable Chumocracy

November 18, 2020

should come as no surprise, still we continue to remain abhorred and lament the audacity even more so in these times. No wonder large sections of population in most countries are cynical about the pandemic and their government’s efforts to combat and mitigate the impact of the disease. First there is money to be made and with buddies in high places who can say what about the kickbacks on the way: – ‘high-priority lane’ to fast-track companies with the right connections.

Over £18 billion worth of contracts related to the coronavirus crisis were awarded by the government (UK)to private companies between March and June 2020. That includes £1.5 billion for firms with close links to the Conservative Party, according to The Times.

Suppliers referred by MPs ‘fast-tracked’/Billions remain unaccounted for/No penalties for failures

Chumocracy standing in line for public funding. – £10.5bn-worth were awarded directly without a competitive tender process. The BBC revealed on Tuesday that a Spanish businessman who acted as a go-between to secure protective garments for NHS staff in the pandemic was paid $28m (£21m) in UK taxpayer cash.

The government overlooked a serious conflict of interest, paid consultants for months before giving them contracts and purchased masks it knew weren’t up to scratch.


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