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Takikawa and Monster Wolf

November 14, 2020

The beauty of cyber travel is that it takes you to places, towns and cities you never knew actually exist. At one moment you find yourself tippy toes on the highest peak in the world and in a flash the next destination is deep diving and snorkeling between the coral reef of the ocean somewhere- somewhere. Cyber-travelling takes you to all the wonders of the world, relaxing resorts and scenery. It is magic.

I’m so happy i joined the club, pricing for travel is competitive and can cover almost any wallet. I’m impressed, this is how I became aware about a city called Takikawa, with bountiful stretches of land One needs to use all the muscles in the jaw to pronounce it, quite the tongue twister to- Takikawa. My interest was sparked by a news blitz I received, that bear sightings in Japan are at a five-year high and occur mostly in rural areas in western and northern Japan.

Photo/Simon Ramsay
Designer, photographer and Internet and digital media professional
Takikawa City is situated in the approximate center of Hokkaido, upon plains lying between the confluence of the Ishikari River and the Sorachi River.

Takikawa is a town/city, on the northern island of Hokkaido. It is situated in the approximate center of Hokkaido, upon plains lying between the confluence of the Ishikari River and the Sorachi River. The town became renowned for the quality of the apples grown there, taking first place at the 1905 Hokkaido Agricultural Fair.

photo/Yahoo News Malaysia

The municipality of Takikawa, purchased and installed two Monster Wolf robots after bears were found roaming neighbourhoods in September. The Monster Wolf(s) are equipped with motor sensors. When those sensors are triggered it swivels its head, then flashes its eyes and emits a variety of sounds including wolf-like howls. Wolves have been extinct in Japan for over 100 years now. According to a BBC report the last known Japanese wolf remains were bought by a zoologist in 1905 who sent the pelt to the Natural History Museum, London.
City officials in Takikawa agree that Monster Wolf isn’t the most sophisticated technological sight but Monster Wolf does the job and confirmed there had been no bear encounters since. The maker, Ohta Seiki, has sold about 70 units since 2018.

I agree Monster Wolf does a neat and non-offensive job. Thank you Monster for sparking my interest and introducing me to a most beautiful and interesting town like Takikawa, travelling there was all worth the while.


Happy Saturday everyone. A thin mist veiled the trees this morning and we knew instantly its going to be a scorcher.


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