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October 27, 2020

It is written that she is arguably the most popular female housemate of the LOCKDOWN Season of BBNAIJA. And I reply with a resounding undoubtedly YES. We are talking second runner-up to LAYCON the winner and DORATHY, the first runner-up, who by a prolific 60% margin NENGI was grounded, and here she is flying in full Armour not as air hostess but in her own words…..

“I have embraced a whole new journey, and been blessed with a whole new family.. a kingdom.. my NINJAS. Today, I accept the role you’ve so graciously bestowed upon me
Allow me reintroduce myself to you.. I am noble, I am honourable, I am fierce, I am NENGI.. the Queen of Ninjas.” 

I’m full of giggles here as I recall so vividly the days in which Suits was made with OZO and NEO. Those were long beautiful days in the show. As director OZO outdid himself, although there was much whining about the boring script of OZO the family man, but didn’t OZO and NENGI make NEO the brilliant lawyer shine. Secretly LAYCON was so impressed that days after OZO was evicted, -like Moses he was not allowed to enter the promised final week, the Joshuas were waiting in the wings- ……,wait I digress, I remember LAYCON being so impressed with OZO’s autoschediasm of the series he vowed to go and watch the series after the show. And I recall in those days NENGI complaining to Biggie about OZO and the laborious improvisation of Suits, still NENGI Rebecca Hampson stayed the course stuck with him and gave us a brilliant performance as prosecutor and judge. Yes that was the good old days, it was a gold rush OZO, and we didn’t find the gold, but your performance left an indelible impression on my mind. We didn’t find gold, but it was a nail-biting gold rush…….left a grey-haired fan crying……I digress, secretly in retrospect I feel NENGI would’ve loved a VEE role in game of thrones, but my darling only VEE, LAYCON AND TRIKYTEE could bring those roles perfectly home. But we love how you are making good on your promises to work this opportunity and bring the gold home. In full Armour you looking brave and strong, our courageous NENGI Rebecca Hampson.


Amazing bonds, this is not Hollywood, neither Nollywood but BBNAIJA, with intelligent folk on a creative journey, feeding off and feeding each other, the best we have seen, keep the love and devotion going, I love you guys. I believe in you. We are keeping up with LOVNN……..LAYCON, OZO, VEE, NEO and NENGI, with full recognition that the vowel of OZO is an essential glue….lol……don’t mind me, we love you.

For your further perusal, here is a link provided showcasing NENGI reinventing herself.

Red lipstick is my armour – I feel it distracts from my hereditary dark circles and gives me an instant psychological lift, no matter what my mood is. –Liz Goldwyn


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