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October 26, 2020

Wherewithal arrived as the word of the day on 25 October 2020. It certainly looked like one of those typical old English words to me. Vintage in structure and nature, so obviously I’m not familiar with the rare harvest of the day. An uncommon and unique expression that isn’t part of my everyday language, I privately smiled to myself and quietly delighted in musing and reading into its meaning on such an auspicious date in my life. So fitting and proper to bring into remembrance, opportune for the occasion, to celebrate and honour a departed life.

[ hwair-with-awl, -with-, wair- ] that with which to do something; means or supplies for the purpose or need, especially money. –

Oh mom, October is a long month in our lives, there are so many to honour and celebrate. What an unusual gift engraved on our porches and in the still and quiet places as we remember you today; when you long ago came to earth to fulfill your earthly bound wherewithal purpose. Thank you for walking miles and miles and more miles for your family, the saints and your community.
Your wherewithal collection of short stories haven’t been bounded yet, but surely someone will do this someday given the divine honour that was released to us down here below and heavenly bestowed upon you today.

We don’t deny the dark years in our family life but through it all your wherewithal was steadfast and consistent to the saints, the homeless and your eyes were upon the orphans always, no matter what. Rest sweetly, it is well.


Once upon a time there was a woman, whom we called Mom, Ma, Titie and Sister Ruth. She had the reputation for wherewithal without peer or question in her family, community and amongst the saints. Her wherewithal was her rich heart, practical mind and her industrious giving and doing hands. Her wherewithal courage remains embedded in my mind…..a Lily in the Valley.


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