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October 18, 2020

Love is photogenic. It needs darkness room to develop-H. L. MENCKEN


And so are these two young men, handsome and photogenic.

I’m so impressed reading into the slow blooming of friendship between OZO and winner of BBNAIJA LOCKDOWN Season 5 LAYCON, outside the lockdown house. Inside the house there was a underlying respect for each other as we saw them bringing out the best in one another during task performances. So refreshing and inspiring, I pray they walk many miles together supporting each other where they can.

The will of the people is the only will that matters – Laycon speaks

It is also awesome to watch TACHA and LAYCON respectively being vocal on issues facing young people and Nigeria as a whole. TACHA is a tiger, she keeps on keeping on and taking a stand. I pray that these two influencers will make a mark on their communities for generations to come.

Blessed are you guys… the right thing……I’m tired of the constant bickering amongst former housemates and some of the talk show hosts that keep on rubbing it in. Enough is enough, you can shine as stars in your respective fields and still be there for one another. C’mon guys dig deep and give me more.

Blessed art Thou, much love.


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