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Illusive and Mystical

October 18, 2020

…..wild horses that roam free in the wetlands.

The wild horse of Kleinmond are considered a national treasure. Image supplied

During lockdown the wild horses have been able to roam the beaches where visitors normally inhabit, and are frequently seen frolicking in the water just as the sun comes up.

They are a unique national treasure. Most visitors to this area are totally unaware of them, yet their presence is a reminder that animals can survive enormous hardships and establish a hierarchy and cohesiveness in the harshest of environments.
“It is a surreal experience to watch as they graze in the shallow marshy land or canter across the dunes, following their leader who is the biggest, strongest stallion. They often fight and are covered in scars, appearing sometimes heroic and sometimes battle weary. But that’s what life in the wild is about. It’s tough and unforgiving and it is something one has to respect and admire.”
….there are dedicated people in this part of the world who understand their worth and will do everything possible to ensure their wellbeing.”

Pringle Bay brings back scattered memories of name and place. I can’t remember if on arrival the elders said we are now in Kleinmond or in Pringle Bay. It really depended on who is speaking and if they spoke English or Afrikaans. I do know they spoke about the illusive and the mystical which we sadly never got to see.

The wild horse supporters believe that raising awareness about their existence could be a very valuable part of ecotourism and should be treated as a valuable resource. They also argue for the highest form of protection available in our conservation laws.

The passion and work of people in the environmental sector is so fascinating and most times highly debated. I’m not sure if my younger self given the opportunity would be up to the challenge, hence I’m so happy to read this article, finding the horses that evaded me as a child and musing on the work that these inspiring humans – watch dogs – do


Happy Sunday morning to you.

A horse gallops with his lungs,
Perseveres with his heart,
And wins with his character.

– Tesio


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  1. Beautiful, well captured!

    • Thank you. The photos are not mine. I haven’t visited this area in my most beautiful country for years now. Travel for most people is still around Christmas when everyone returns home with gifts in hand. Thank you for reading.

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