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August 27, 2020

Remember this: classics never make a comeback. They wait for that perfect moment to take the spotlight from overdone, tired trends.Tabatha Coffey

YESTERDAY: LUCY, in her own space while the rest of the house is fast asleep

And so I hoped that in her self-styled Cicely Tyson look, that we would witness a classic comeback, LUCY in balance and perfect harmony.

Remember, I come from such an excessively overdone, red-carpet place called Hollywood. So I’m used to people blowing up their success in ways that are far above and beyond the truth.
-Shirley MacLaine

LUCY belong in the movies,- she has personality, the daring and the face for perfect moment in the spotlight paling tired trends and shaking up the place with her typical Cicely Tyson look. Who knows how one gets lucky, she could be casted for a movie featuring the life and times of Cicely if she had the character.

My gratification in working comes from the preparation and the building of the character. -Cicely Tyson.

Cicely L. Tyson (born December 19, 1924) is an American actress and former fashion model. In a career spanning more than seven decades, she became known for her portrayal of strong African-American women. Building character is the key to opening the doors of opportunity to live our destiny and to seal our sacred agreements. Yet more often and not we delay this process and become our own stumbling blocks.

There are some things that money cannot buy. One of them is health. And the other is security in your relationships and friends. -CICELY TYSON

LUCY has admirable daily habits and routines. She starts her day peacefully, I guess with a physical workout at home or in the gym. She loves clearing the garden especially with PRINCE, then it is straight to the kitchen to prepare her salad or light meal before landing at the bathroom for shower, morning-grooming and settling down to her solitary breakfast. We, me and the viewers are expectant, hoping that the day we would hold and break into twilight just as beautiful as she looked at the painters breakfast table.
But Cicely Tyson is a body of work, almost flawless and complete it should really come as no surprise that she would have some wisdom to offer us. In LUCY there is the security in relationship and friends are lacking and wanting.

Overdone lipstick is a deterrent to men. It rubs off easily onto their skin and the edges of their shirts, so it discourages them from kissing, touching, and coming closer to you, which is what they really want to do!
-Helen Fisher

I don’t think that LUCY’S lips would cause this amount of damage but be rest assure her attitude would. Never a day passes without the overripe child begins to throw a tantrum….in her Pepperdem style. Damage to other feelings at the Pepsi Turn Up Challenge, building character walked out the door and Sabotage took over, the character LUCY is most comfortable with. Let yourself be guided carried no value when the ego like a raging fire spreads across and burns up everyone in her wake, including the people like PRINCE and DORATHY who truly cares for her. LUCY is ill- disciplined when it comes to formal learning. She wants to present off the cuff without giving herself the gracious time to study. How does she imagine to present all those frames running through her mind at a formal presentation if she isn’t prepared to put in the hard work of learning, to allow herself to be bent and smoothed. For this her ego is way to hungry. It is ravishing leaving most of us exhausted and spent for the night.

When all the folks were said and done
You were there to welcome me home
I was convicted cause your love never wavered
I know you love me more than me
And you vowed to love through anything
I never had a kind of love that was forever – Anthony Hamilton

For me this is lacking, absence of something or someone who loves her for the way she is, someone who will walk with her, the kind of love that may stumble but never fault her. It is difficult and she is extremely complicated.


Statement earrings and statement necklaces each deserve their own moment. I never wear the two together; it looks overdone.
-Ashley Madekwe

partnering with OZO, I thought he brought the Midas touch which turned their indomie cook-up into a night of gold. I’ve never seen LUCY in complete harmony and balance presenting with her partner on the night.

The week is running fairly smoothly for HoH and his deputy NENGI.

Happy Thursday to you.


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