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August 25, 2020

Faith is a state of openness or trust.
Alan Watts

LAYCON and WATHONI at training this morning.

I love how the girls in the house are rocking their wigs for any occasion with reckless and carefree abandonment.

I heard WATHONI saying to TOLANIBAJ that she prefers her Tiffany wig, so Tiffanny is her new name for the week. The hairstyle doesn’t look anything like an Audrey Hepburn hairstyle that she wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, more a Bridgette Bardot if you don’t mind me Ms. Tiffany and you are rocking it.

DORATHY and PRINCE seated at the dining table after the eviction show. This is the night PRAISE a very good friend of theirs were evicted.

While African American stars continued to wear wigs throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s, Caucasian celebrities didn’t get back onboard until the early 2000s. While many celebrities wear wigs, others opt for alternative hair modifications. Ashley Lipman

DORATHY is the resident fashionista in the big brother house. She knows how to bring on a style that can knock you off your feet. She is open to explore the hair and the dictates of fashion. Open about her hair fetish, DORATHY brought along a whole collection of wigs, I don’t have figure or number to offer but it is an impressive collection. In the house she is the ultimate expression of choose your beautiful and there are many sides to rock on any given day. I’m inclined to call this look a Grace Kelly but I must reserve myself because I’m not too sure.

TOLANIBAJ and LAYCON looking fly on eviction night.

Wigs play an interesting role in the beauty industry. They’ve gone through periods of elegance and status, and perceptions of tackiness. Their use and purpose vary between different cultures and groups, and while they aren’t on everyone’s must-have list, there are a lot of wig wearers who swear by them. Ashley Lipman

It is TOLANIBAJ’s choice of hairstyle that caught my eye. She took her time choosing but when she chose it was just the right one. I think she called it Stone, please forgive me for taking a chance here. TOLANIBAJ in Stone and she carried the night with the luscious locks falling down her long neck to the nape of her back, she looked like a runway model on eviction night.

NEO and ERICA, looking a bit perplexed at the Bedouin Lodge.

While wigs may have played a role in shaping modern beauty, their beginnings date back to ancient Egypt. At this time, wigs were crafted as status symbols for the wealthy. When you see ancient depictions of Pharaohs with long, luscious locks, it’s more likely that they are being portrayed as wearing a wig. Ashley Lipman

On a eviction night ERICA went all shaggy with her ginger Beyoncè look. I thought the colours suited her well and it gave a kind of playfulness to her oft serious smiling face. Dressed in a long black gown the hair shagging down to her waist covered the naked back.

LUCY in hues of blue

Back then, human hair was often used to create wigs in combination with natural materials. Plant fiber from palm leaves were often woven in, and wool was sometimes used as a substitute. Wigs were also a substitute for hats in ancient Egypt and worn to protect one’s head from the sun. – Ashley Lipman

I must admit that I was a little weary at first with LUCY’s choice of wig for eviction night, but she didn’t disappoint at all on the fateful night that PRAISE left the house due to the decision made by the majority of the housemates. For me in this hairstyle LUCY channeled the Sophia Loren, Ava Gardener and many other era, she tweaked the style to suit her pretty face in a deep ocean blue colour, she found her groove and I loved it.

VEE on eviction night

After the rise and fall of the ancient Egyptian empire, wigs didn’t make a resurgence until the Middle Ages. In Europe, wigs were again a status symbol and a sign of high fashion. These wigs were drastically different than modern wigs, according to EvaWigs, which utilize high-quality human hair. During the Middle Ages, wigs were synthetic, heavily coiffed, and treated to retain their shape. Audrey Lipman

Brave indeed VEE, looking edgy in her silver threads, as always bearing the mark of warrior and headmistress she gave us a baby doll look on eviction night in silver white wig, alert and watchful like a nurse on night call.

NENGI walking into the salon on eviction day.

Hair extensions wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the long-winded history of wigs. These hairpieces have come into fashion both on the runway and in daily life, with many women using them to lengthen or thicken their natural hair. – Ashley Lipman

I think it was TRIKYTEE who helped NENGI to corn row her crown of thick moss, otherwise it would’ve taken the whole day. Here too, I had to at first grow into her choice of style for the night, and even if the makeup was a bit overdone, we forgive her, at 22 years old we all caught the extreme. At the end of the day on that evening she channeled the Jacky O look and carried it off like a pretty young lady.

There’s just some magic in truth and honesty and openness.
Frank Ocean

Our ladies in the house are free, there is an openness and readiness to wear their hair as they please. Wearing wig does not mean hatred toward their real hair and feeling. A new wig is like a new dress, lovely underwear and a sexy shoe to cover their natural pretty feet when they prefer not to go barefooted. It makes them more beautiful. So, why should they not apply it? Is there any woman who does not want to appear pretty? 

Yaki, kinky or curly, do your thing.

My career is based on openness and honesty.- Kim Kardashian


Congratulations OZO on winning the HoH challenge. Wishing you and your deputy NENGI a prosperous week.

Hip-hop is the people. What the people are moving toward is what hip-hop is. I think people are moving toward a freer way of thinking. Openness. – Erykah Badu.

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