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August 25, 2020

Who has known the mind of the Lord – Romans 11:34

There is a season for every purpose under heaven.Β  For a human to try to know the mind of the Lord would be like an ant trying to understand the Theory of Relativity. – The Berean


God is infinitely far above our ability to fully understand, He tells us through the Scriptures very specific truths about Himself so that we can know what He is like, and be drawn to worship Him.


God is our intercessor.Β Knowing our temptations, God the Son intercedes for us. He opens the doors for us to boldly ask God the Father for mercy. Thus, God is both the initiation and conclusion of true prayer.


β€”Hebrews 4:14-16

It’s Tuesday, for a moment I lost count there, I had to smile, I’m not lost just enjoying my little space in time right now. Have a blessed Tuesday……..It is Tuesday…right?

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