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August 18, 2020

Music does not carry you along. You have to carry it along strictly by your ability to really just focus on that little small kernel of emotion or story. –Debbie Harry



Must is a hard nut to crack, but it has a sweet kernel. – Charles Spurgeon

Communication is going to be key for the new Hoh. Biggie is away, gone on vacation, so KIDDWAYA…..


I think all art comes out of conflict. When I write I am always looking for the dramatic kernel of an event, the junctures of people’s lives when they go in one direction, not another. – Joyce Carol Oates

and his newly elected deputy – TOLANIBAJ – will man the lockdown station on their own.


You want people walking away from the conversation with some kernel of wisdom or some kind of impact. – Harry Dean Statton

In an unprecedented stroke of luck, in a game of chance KIDDWAYA snatched the Hoh from his ‘sweetheart’ ERICA.


“It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.” -Nelson Mandela

Viewers and housemates were all taken by surprise. It is the biggest punishment ever for viewers and housemates alike when Biggie abstain and keeps his voice away.


Walnuts have a shell, and they have a kernel. Religions are the same. They have an essence, but then they have a protective coating. This is not the only way to put it. But it’s my way. So the kernels are the same. However, the shells are different.Huston Smith

After Biggie slipped out of the door, confusion descended upon the house with chaos jumping all over the place. I couldn’t put two and two together myself the house was even more split and divided with little groupings whispering and chit- chatting all over the place.


All the food we eat – every grain of rice and kernel of corn – has been genetically modified. None of it was here before mankind learned to cultivate crops. The question isn’t whether our food has been modified, but how. – Michael Specter

Food and food insecurity are the biggest challenges facing the Hoh and his deputy in the path to win their wager. Produce that came in yesterday is at a bare minimum and the week has only just begun,

Under these conditions KIDDWAYA and his deputy TOLANIBAJ, will need the confidence, to maintain the team morale and to keep moving forward. They must show true commitment, that means getting their hands dirty with the rest of the housemates. A positive attitude is key, to keep the energy levels up, set the house mood with a fine balance between productivity and playfulness.

Do I think the two have it in them to run the show? Of course, their reign come at the appointed time and they will win the wager.

Happy Tuesday, and all the best.


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