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August 15, 2020

SHAKESPEARE imagined elixir to be a potion made from flowers; Joyce pictured a seed cake, eaten straight from a lover’s mouth. And the romantic poets were convinced it was everything from the charge from an electrical battery to a lungful of opium. –Chris Ayres

20200815_090741PRINCE, pictured with TOLANIBAJ, fast asleep.

Ulysses: In James Joyce’s erotic classic Ulysses, it is a seed cake that becomes the elixir of love. The character Molly Bloom allows her lover to eat seed cake out of her mouth while they are lying amid the rhododendrons on Howth Head. He proposes. Joyce’s seed cake was later referred to in the 1989 album The Sensual World by Kate Bush



Ecclesiasticus 6:5-6, 14-17

/A faithful friend is an elixir of life/. We never outgrow the need for friends, and our friendships need to be kept in good repair.


Ecclesiasticus 6:5-6, 14-17

A faithful friend is something beyond price, there is no measuring his worth. A faithful friend is the elixir of life, and those who fear the Lord will find one. Whoever fears the Lord makes true friends, for as a man is, so is his friend.

20200815_092544NENGI  and ERICA

Ecclesiasticus 6:5-6, 14-17

A kindly turn of speech multiplies a man’s friends, and a courteous way of speaking invites many a friendly reply. Let your acquaintances be many, but your advisers one in a thousand.


Warm hugs early hours of this morning after a hectic altercation between WATHONI and ERICA.


A friend in need is a friend indeed. 

Ending gender-based discrimination and violence is a global priority that requires collective action. After the housemates lost their wager in the no means no campaign I too made thoughts about what else they could have done and explored to raise awareness and to fight against every form of gender-based violence.

Only with courage and preparedness they could’ve told their own stories and listen to the stories of others.
Use social media to raise awareness about gender-based- violence and market programs working to end it.
Run a donate campaign for local shelters creating awareness around their needs and how to make these programs more sustainable, so creating awareness that there is help out there for victims and perpetrators.
Design public forums about policing, public safety, changes in law, sexual harassment and stalking. Even a representation to the United Nations would’ve been interesting.  And of course there is sweet charity –  Give to organizations working for an end to gender-based-violence.

These are all ideas but after last night’s fight amongst the girls I thought the medium – theatre- they used to create awareness within their community and amongst their peers was the right way to go, it allowed them to explore their own emotions and brought to light the character of victims and perpetrators.

As the days go by maybe it will sink in after the show ends and they go their respective ways, that it seeps in ……

No man is an island.
Friendship, true friendship, is a treasure.

“We were created for friendship with God.”  Yet even God realize that our connection with God, our Creator, as good and life-giving as it may be, is “not good enough.” – Saint Thomas Aquinas


There is nothing so precious as a faithful friend
To be friends with this God is to be friends with the world

Wishing you a wonderful weekend


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