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August 12, 2020

I’ve always been an elite artist.
Tech N9ne



Are you able to see the beauty beneath the mess?

I’m really not sure how strong but there is a group that call themselves ‘ELITE ‘, included in the fan base of ERICA
And why not?


The beauty beneath the mess, meeting up with a good friend to talk about the chaos of the night before.


The beauty beneath the mess, –  a studio moment oozing warmth and charm with her fellow Barleys, even when personalities are in conflict, they slowly gravitated towards the beautiful.


The beauty beneath the mess, KAISHA expressing herself through the eye of the lens, LAYCON losing all inhibitions, shifting into creative mode and ms.VEE adding pepper with her cheeky self



The beauty beneath the mess, NENGI displaying some unusual footie skills. Even though she lost to VEE in this round of the guineas task, it is a worthy mention here, breaking the ice between her and …..


PRINCE, pictured with WATHONI AND PRAISE, displaying their unique modelling personalities in studio.


The beauty beneath the mess- Guided by DORA, pictured here with OZO, the Hoppes won the top prize for their creativity in the studio….20200812_082723

The Beauty Beneath the Mess

That’s what I see, all in all a good day at the office…….




Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday.


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