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July 29, 2020

Be Happy to Stay Alive
DORATHY (lockdownBBNaija season 5)



And the tears rolled down her solidly beautiful round face. Sitting in my lounge, in front of the TV an incredibly wonderful feeling of Happy, like a mood- booster encircled and surrounded me with

A whiff of fresh strawberries,
eyes alert and fully concentrated,
filled with trust,

a go-to Dora-Happy


Lifting my mood –
sweet-smelling Vanilla
pervaded the air with notes of

Jasmine, Apples and Pears,
Citrus fruits –
orange, lemon and grapefruits.

Joyful and relaxed like
freshly cut grass
before my very eyes

as she recounted to BIGGIE in the diary room her feelings which bubbled up in her, swelled and dropped out her eyes, rolled down her cheeks that touched her lips as she recalled her life right onto this stage during yoga classes earlier in the day.

There is much to write and say, but please meet DORATHY. In the pursuit of happiness, ummm, no!

this is her story
this is her song,
Be Happy

to Stay Alive

We should have more conversations about DORATHY as the weeks roll in.

Bubbly, bouncy, round and deep red like a berry, she is happy.




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